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Nicole Butler

Nicole Butler

Account Manager

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What do you like about the industry?

I never saw myself working in the construction industry, but I think its brilliant! Such a fast paced atmosphere, constantly keeping everyone on their toes. I love that I’m learning new things every day.

Why did you choose Farsight?

I chose Farsight because it was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse, Farsight has given me the chance to progress onto something I have always wanted to be and I can finally follow my mums footsteps in being successful.

What do you enjoy most about the job?

I enjoy talking to new people every day and helping people out. The people I work with are a massive part of the enjoyment of my job, it’s such a friendly, fun office and we motivate each other all day, every day.

What do you enjoy most about life?

Spending time with my friends, family and my cat Dave. I am a very sociable person, so I like going out quite a lot!



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