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Louise Draper

Louise Draper

Account Manager

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What do you like about the industry?

As somebody who has always worked in catering and hospitality but grew up surrounded by family working in the construction industry I thought I’d try my hand at joining them. I’ve not been here long but couldn’t imagine not being here! I get the chance to meet and speak with some fascinating people who work hard and take pride in the work they do. It’s a great industry to be in!

Why did you choose Farsight?

After reaching the best level available to me in hotel management I looked into recruitment options in the area and it seemed like a no brainer. I was made to feel like one of the team from the moment I walked through the doors at my interview – and it only got better from there! I can absolutely see myself retiring from this company.

What do you enjoy most about the job?

No day is the same. I have the opportunity to speak to so many interesting people on a daily basis and alongside some of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. It feels like home when walking into the office and it’s an atmosphere I wish I could take everywhere with me!

What do you enjoy most about life?

I’m a big believer in Netflix. I would happily spend all my time sat watching some great shows (and terrible ones too) at home. You name a TV show and I’ve either seen it or it’s on the list! One of my favourite things to do is go to the theatre or see a band live. I’ve seen some great productions (and terrible ones too!) I’m not into many physical activities but I’m willing to try most things once!



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