Looking for a job? Let us help.

Looking for a job? Let us help.

Looking for a job? Look no further. The sun is out and we are feeling particularly generous, so we thought we'd impart some work related wisdom... on a day when everyone would rather be in the pub, weird, we know! 


Winter appears to be over (finally) and therefor we are coming out of the construction industry blues (completely justified sadness over working outside in the freezing cold). Everyone is just about ready to start dusting off their (health and safety abiding) summer work wear and where better to catch some rays, than a construction site? Looking for a new contract? Fear not, we want to help. 


One -

Update any relevant tickets that may be expired or due to expire. As much as someone may like you and want to hire you because "you had a CSCS card once but now you don't, but you've got a tonne of experience" it's a health & safety essential and it'd be much easier to like you (and hire you) with current tickets and I.D. 

Two - 

Find a way of selling yourself... it goes without saying that the most traditional way would be a C.V. but who are we to limit your creativity? Get on LinkedIn, create yourself a Facebook page, make a portfolio of all your resent work, turn up on site and do a dance... ok the last one is a joke but you get the drift. 

Three - 

Phone Farsight... durrrrr! You must of seen that one coming. We've got lots of exciting jobs coming in and we need you to fill them. There are a few ways you can find out if we have something to suit you... call us in the office and speak to one of our lovely team on 01332370300, email us on, Facebook us, or check out our jobs page on the website. 


Good luck! 


Posted 19th April 2018

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