Willing workers over festive period

Willing workers over festive period


It’s Christmas time in the office and though we here at Farsight are gearing up for Christmas and looking forward to the fact we will get 11 days off straight (including the weekends and bank holidays) from the 24th Dec – 3rd Jan over the festive period, we were surprised to hear that around 40% of construction workers will be working over Christmas day.

A survey was conducted by which polled almost 3000 adults in full time employment asking them whether they were working on Christmas day and 39% of construction workers confirmed that they were.

The most popular reason for working on Christmas day, unsurprisingly, was because they would be paid extra for the overtime. There were also 9% of construction workers that have chosen to work over Christmas because they are not interested in or do not celebrate Christmas.

It is also well known that construction work mostly slows down around the festive period – usually due to the weather more than anything. The survey suggested that some construction workers like to offer to work on Christmas day, thinking that it will secure them more work around the festive period if they can show a willingness to go above and beyond and though this is an admiral quality, it is not technically a correct assumption.

One of our biggest clients, Joe, Director of Davlyn Construction disagrees with this assumption entirely. “If someone offered to work on Christmas day I would not be inclined to offer them work more so than anyone else.” Davlyn construction shuts down over the Christmas period to give the workers time to spend with their families.

A healthy balance between work and home life is an important value here at Farsight and we encourage employees to spend time with their families around Christmas also. Though we completely understand how a plumber or electrician may need to be on call around Christmas in case of emergencies (And hats off to those people!) personally we’ll be enjoying the extra time off we get – by eating lots of Turkey and Christmas pudding! Merry Christmas everyone! 



Posted 16th December 2016

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