What is the carbon footprint like for construction companies in 2016?

What is the carbon footprint like for construction companies in 2016?

A recent study conducted by Tomtom Telematics into the carbon footprint left by construction companies has been completed. The study saw 149 construction companies surveyed to find out exactly what they thought about their carbon emissions, and asking for complete honesty about what they are (or aren’t) doing to improve it.


Analysts at Farsight were pleasantly surprised to hear that 3 quarters of the companies questioned now operate a carbon reduction strategy. This statistic represents a big step in the right direction for the industry.


This is especially pleasing considering the government has set targets to cut in-built emissions by 50% by the year 2025. If construction companies continue to consistently measure, monitor & reduce their carbon footprint, then we have a real chance of hitting this target, which can only be good news for the construction industry, and the wider UK economy.


“As business owners & employers we all have a responsibility to behave in a manner that complements both the growth of our companies AND the wellbeing of the planet.”


“Construction is an industry that has huge scope for positive change and it’s great to see a shift towards a greener future” says Tom, CEO of Farsight Recruitment.


We were also very interested (but not surprised) to see that 74% of client’s favour suppliers who offer low carbon products, or can demonstrate green credentials. Another unsurprising, but positive finding was that most of the industry (a whopping 95%) believe that construction as a whole could do more to reduce carbon emissions; and we agree!


Currently 58% of construction companies regularly measure their carbon footprint, which is brilliant, however if the government want an 80% reduction in national greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 then we need to encourage as many companies as possible to start being upfront about monitoring their carbon footprint.


We’re not the biggest company in the world, but we believe everyone should do their bit. In a bid to contribute towards positive change we recently took the decision to recycle all our office waste, and are looking seriously at how to adapt our processes to become 100% paper-free by 2017. What can you do to help move things forwards…?

Posted 4th August 2016

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