What is it like to work at Farsight?

What is it like to work at Farsight?


This week I was approached by our Marketing Manager and asked ‘What is it like to work at Farsight?’ The answer to that is so complex, at first I struggled to put it into words. Then when she asked me to write it down, the words tumbled onto paper before I really knew what I was writing.


Working for Farsight is like no other. It’s hard.

You must be resilient. There are knock backs – sometimes knock backs so hard you can hear the ringing in your ears. There are constant negotiations, back and forth faster than a joiner’s handsaw. But there are also mammoth wins, great laughs and a genuine family environment. It really is the best place to work!


I’d consider myself a happy go-lucky kind of girl. I thrive in the Farsight environment. In the presence of supportive managers and colleagues. I have polished sales skills which previously I didn’t have the confidence to express. Farsight’s culture is to nourish and invest in its staff. To entrust its employees with targets and allow you to get on and achieve them, balanced with the fine line of a safe foundation of staff for you to confide in whenever you deem necessary.


I laugh. I laugh loudly and I laugh daily. I remember when I was offered the position at Farsight and our CEO, Tom, said to me, I want you to work here because I see something in you. You’re hired for the ethics, determination and passion you’ve portrayed through the interview process. That’s something we pride ourselves on at Farsight, our ethos of being upfront and honest, reliable and different. Consistent. And I consistently laugh, every day.


I enjoy coming to work. In fact, I LOVE coming to work. How many people can say that? I have pride for the company I work for and what we do. We genuinely work differently to other companies, and particularly other agencies, of which some are out just to make a cheap buck. That’s not me, that’s not Farsight. Harvard completed a study on the attributes of a truly great place to work. Amongst the attributes were: to provide high quality, healthy food; institute 2 way performance reviews; hold all employees accountable and provide ongoing opportunities. Farsight live up to these attributes, and more!


We have an inviting fruit bowl which is filled several times a week. Everyone in the office can help themselves at any point, helping us to get natural sugars and keeping us motivated. Our performance reviews are completed weekly, at which point we have the ability to seek help, air frustrations, share best practice and provide feedback on highs and lows of the previous week/month/quarter.

This is one of Tom’s favourites: holding all employees accountable. Mid last year Tom introduced more accountability, to “stay above the line”. We’re encouraged to take ownership and responsibility for our actions rather than using excuses and push the blame on something or someone else. Providing ongoing opportunities, Farsight promote from within. Our Sales Manager Abby started at Farsight on an apprenticeship and has worked her way up showing Farsight really do promote from within. 


So, in all, I love Farsight. It’s by far the best place I’ve worked. It’s hard and can be relentless when you’re knocked back, but as resilient as ever, you get back up, dust off your shoes and keep going. And I laugh - I laugh every day! 


     - Rebecca Smith, Recruitment Consultant


Posted 20th January 2017

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