The Histio UK Charity Murder Mystery

The Histio UK Charity Murder Mystery


After months of planning and prep, our Charity Murder Mystery evening finally came around last week, and it was well worth the wait. The night was in aid of our sponsored charity for this financial year, Histio UK, nominated by our Marketing Manager, Pip, and having won the majority office vote back in August 2016 we have been raising money for them ever since. We were joined by friends and family of the Farsight team as well as charitable members of the general public.


The Lyric Rooms in Ashby-De-La-Zouch kindly donated the use of their venue for the event and murder mystery company, Murder 57 donated the time of their actors for the evening’s entertainment. We began the night with drinks at the bar, not knowing what to expect, we waited in nervous anticipation. Soon the actors began trickling in, making their individual entrances and before we knew it, we were in the midst of a murder investigation. An inspector entered and announced the death of someone who was due to attend the event. After each food course he displayed evidence on boards around the room for the guests to peruse and make notes in the detective pads provided. 


Each table had a character join them for the meal but whilst we were eating they networked around the tables to introduce themselves and enveloped us into their world. We eagerly asked questions and interrogated them, hoping to be the first guest to unravel the truth. 


As the evening unfolded it became more and more dramatic. There was a stalker revelation, pushing, slapping and a full blown catfight at one point. Everyone knew where it was leading and tension in the room built over the course of the evening. Before we knew what was happening a body appeared with a pair of bloody scissors sticking out of her chest. 


Once the body had been dragged away, we were given statement forms and asked to write who we suspected as the murderer and what evidence we had against them. The closest guess would win a prize. 


Having spent the night investigating the wrong murder we were still none the wiser, we tried to make sense of the notes we had taken. We all jotted down a name and our reasoning before passing to the inspector and hoping for the best. Some of us made sensible and well thought out guesses and other made a snap decision based on a gut feeling. 


At the end of the evening the murderer was announced and escorted away by the inspector. Enter, the ‘body’ with the rest of the cast to a welcomed applause. The winner was announced (no one from Farsight unfortunately) and presented with a trophy and chocolates. Then one by one, raffle numbers were drawn and we were able to come up and select the prize we wanted to take home. There was a lot to choose from. 


Over-all an amazing time was had by everyone and a whopping £875.00 was raised, which brings us close to our target of £1000 that we have until August 2017 to hit. A huge thank you is in order to everyone who attended, donated money, raffle prizes or their time and support. We wouldn’t have done it without all involved, so thank you for making it happen and thank you for your continued support for the remainder of 2017. 




Posted 17th March 2017

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