Tesla Solar Roofing

Tesla Solar Roofing

The Tesla solar roof is the next step in solar energy and maybe roofing in general. What do you need to know?


  • Tesla solar tiles are the ‘more attractive’ answer to solar panels, designed to look like a standard roofing tile.


  • Solar roof tiles are more durable than roof tiles, made to be three times stronger than a standard tile but half the weight.


  • Tiles can be customised to suit your specific house design and style.


  • Tesla expect homeowners to pay around £22.00 per square foot but claim the tiles will pay for themselves by reducing home energy bills.


  • Two designs (Textured & Smooth) are available now with two more (Tuscan & Slate) expected in 2018.


  • Solar Roof works with a Powerwall home battery, letting you chose how you use your solar energy.


  • Tesla state the tile warranty is ‘Infinity, or the lifetime of your house, whichever comes first’.


Find out more about Tesla here

Posted 4th August 2017

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