Spurs Retractable Pitch

Spurs Retractable Pitch

In 2017, Sheffield based SCX announced their plans to create the “world-first dividing retractable pitch” for Tottenham Hotspurs’ new stadium development.


The retractable pitch, which is made up of three, 3,000 tonne trays, is reportedly able to slide out simultaneously in around 25 minutes! It’s created with versatility in mind. The ‘real turf’ on the retractable part of the pitch will be the playing surface for Spurs and the artificial pitch below will be used for music concerts, NFL matches and a range of other events. The aim is to protect the real grass and make sure it’s in top condition for the Premiere League matches.


 2/3’s of the segments have been tested recently and have been reported to be fully operational. The East section is due to be tested “in the near future” but everyone has high hopes due to the success of the other two sections!


Special hydraulics have also been fitted to raise the platforms alongside the pitch creating an invisible join between the trays and the side-lines. Nick Cooper, the head of moving structures on the project has said in an interview “The hydraulic sides are enormous, a 120-metre truss that runs the full length of the pitch and it all moves up and raises together. In one side, there are eight moving bridges all operating concurrently. That is a tremendous achievement by the electrical engineers. The sides weigh 480 tonnes, so we’re lifting 480 tonnes up in a matter of minutes – and it all works beautifully."


The £850 million stadium is still under construction and has an estimated capacity of 62,000 seats. The firm have also revealed that there will be two 325 Square meter LED screens featured inside the stadium, making them the largest screens in a stadium in Western Europe!


Watch the stadium update in the video below!





Written by: Matt Bennett 

Posted 29th May 2018

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