Spooktacular Halloween!

Spooktacular Halloween!



Last week we had a spooktacular day at the office when we got everyone to dress up for Halloween! We had an exciting day of cakes, sweets, pumpkin carving and costume contests. We took pictures of everyone’s outfits, posted them on Facebook and asked for our followers to ‘Like’ the costume they preferred. The most ‘likes’ in 24 hours would win the competition!




     It was great to see the effort that went into dressing up,

     though some made noticeably more effort than others.

     Speaking of which, a special ‘well done’ to Jack, our senior

     resourcer, who managed to snag a witch mask from the

     Tesco over the road for a whopping 18p, 15 minutes before

     the costume competition began.



Our Director Donna decided to bow out of this year’s competition due to the fact she won last year by over 100 votes in her favour. Also, unfortunately our sales manager Abby was out for half the day at a site visit so was unable to take part in dressing up. This left the rest of the floor to fight it out for the winning spot!

Everyone looked amazing though it became quite clear the two favourites to win were Pip, our marketing manager, and Jess Lees the service manager.






Pip made an early lead on the Facebook competition     

with her gory cut face effect, though perhaps mostly     

due to the fact she is the only one allowed on Facebook     

during working hours and could share her picture     

and beg for votes!     











     However, it was Jess who managed to snag

     the winning place in the last 30 minutes before

     the competition closed by pulling ahead by a whole

     5 votes and winning not only a cash prize but

     bragging rights in the office. Well done Jess!






Next came the pumpkin carving competition. Unfortunately, as we had to carve the pumpkins at home and bring them into the office, most people forgot their pumpkins. We were left with two physical pumpkins and a picture of a pumpkin and were asked to vote anonymously for our favourites in the office.



The cat pumpkin (Dubbed ‘Kittykin’) proved most popular     

and the carver, Jess Smith (senior resourcer) went home     

with a bottle of champagne!     




Over-all a very successful day for the Jess’s in the office and the rest of us gorged ourselves on cakes and sweets, so a win-win day all round!




Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!




Posted 11th November 2016

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