Recruitment - Survival of the fittest!

Recruitment - Survival of the fittest!

No one ever said recruitment was an easy industry to work in… and if they did they weren’t doing it right. It’s hard but if you’re good at it, you will reap the rewards. So here are three tips on surviving your time (long or short) in the recruitment industry.


1 – In this industry, you have to have a thick skin. Not because you’ll get called names or told where to go (although don’t rule this out) but because you can’t take every knock back or let down personally or to heart. Unfortunately when you are working with a variable product you can’t guarantee it will turn up to site the same every time, sometimes candidates won’t go to work, and sometimes clients will cancel jobs. It isn’t because they don’t like you… necessarily.


2 – Sincerity and empathy go a long way, in life and in recruitment. Client’s get angry when someone doesn’t turn up to site but if you never take the time to understand why that affects them so much then your apology will always seem false. Make the effort to learn about your clients and their sites, is this project time sensitive or on a tight budget? When you know what is important to them you’ll know, do they need someone cheap, someone experienced or someone reliable. Genuine empathy will go a long way when you eventually (but undoubtedly) have to deal with disappointment.


3 – Enjoy yourself. It can be a stressful job, granted. However the reward of uncapped commission or hefty bonus schemes surpass the perks of simpler roles so don’t take yourself so seriously you burn out early. Enjoy your time in the industry and make the most of it. Meet new people, build relationships and learn your specialist sector inside out.


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Posted 8th September 2017

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