Invaluable incentives

Invaluable incentives

Another progressive step towards wellbeing at Farsight!


In an increasingly competitive business world, nurturing staff helps avoid high turnover rates and poor performance. “Happy employees are not only a top priority, but a litmus test for success.” says Tom Dean, CEO of Farsight Recruitment; so much so that a new incentive is being trialled by Tom, where employees are rewarded with time off for consistently exceeding targets.


Employees over 125% of their target can enjoy an extra hour in bed, or an early finish every day of the week, and if they exceed 150% then it’s 2 hours per day. As if that wasn’t enough, consultants exceeding 200% of their target will have the choice to work from home, linking in with internet access to the office network!


The time off can be taken before or after work, or can even be added to a lunch break, so colleagues can have a roam around the shops surrounding the prestigious Derby city centre office.


“My role here is to create an environment where the best people can thrive,” explains Tom. “I believe in a healthy work/life balance, and consistent attention to wellbeing, are what make the culture at Farsight different from so many sales environments. Genuine care for your staff is essential when growing a happy and productive team, and we have already seen how this approach is paying off.”


“Farsight have a very clear set of processes and values, which cannot be compromised, and each member of the team is clear about their responsibility to hit individual targets,” Explains Tom, “Provided targets are hit, values are upheld and clients are happy, then I can rest easy knowing my business is a success.”


In today’s market, quality workers are striving to achieve a quality, balanced lifestyle, so it is great to see an employer with integrity who has his employee’s best interests at heart. It’s no wonder that Farsight, who are well known for being different in the recruitment world, are seeing the business going from strength to strength.


If you’re a top performer in the recruitment world, Farsight is definitely a company worth watching. Tom is always keen to hear from local consultants looking for a move, so if that’s you, just pick up the phone and give him a call!

Posted 17th June 2016

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