Introducing Farsight Recruitment's M&E Department

Introducing Farsight Recruitment's M&E Department

Farsight Recruitment are really excited to introduce you to their newest addition… the M&E department. We have been construction specialists for 12 years’ and we are ready to add some other complimentary sectors to the mix. We know you are all bursting with questions so we have managed to pin down Sean White, M&E Divisional Manager and Jacob Dixon, M&E Consultant and Resourcer for a quick Q&A session.


1. To start us off, for anyone who is unsure, can you tell us exactly what M&E is?

M&E is the abbreviation of mechanical and electrical which covers a wide variety of trades and project management staff.


2. What do you love about the M&E sector?

It is a fast paced, competitive and challenging industry that places a big emphasis on strong working relationships with clients and candidates. The role is very varied and exciting but a firm favourite is having the opportunity to visit prestigious projects and future landmarks whilst they are under construction. Seeing projects from inception to completion is a wonderful thing to witness and it’s great to meet the people that make this happen on a daily basis.


3. What experience do you have in recruitment and specifically the M&E sector?

SW – I joined a company in 2006 who specialised in supplying M&E tradesmen and was fortunate enough to be trained by an experienced and motivated management team who took pride in developing others. I started out as a resourcer and developed into a Consultant, Divisional Manager and Branch Manager overseeing a small team that focused on delivering temporary M&E tradesmen. During that time, we had an enviable client list and look back now with fond memories. Since then I have had a 2-year spell as Director of a company who delivered M&E tradesmen and continued to work with clients. During my time at this company I met Jacob who quickly impressed me with his knowledge of the transient workforce in most parts of the UK and his ability to build good working relationships with tradesmen at many levels.

JD – I started my career in recruitment in 2013 after a spell in retail for a major blue chip company. Looking for an opportunity for progression I decided to pursue an apprenticeship in recruitment, looking back I knew very little about the role but have been fortunate enough to develop skills and progress. I became passionate about the industry and have worked hard over the 4 years to develop relationships with our workforce and clients. 


4. How long have your guys worked together as a team?

We have worked together since 2015 and have had our ups and downs, however, when a move became necessary we both ensured that we could take an opportunity to continue working together. We feel that we have the skills, knowledge and complimenting abilities that help us work well as a team.


5. What would you say is the most important thing to look for in a good candidate?

JD – In an industry that’s highly criticised for unreliable individuals we work hard to ensure that our candidates are fully certified to carry out the role, have extensive experience and have the commitment to always produce their best for our clients. It’s safe to say that during our time in the industry we have had some bad candidates but plenty of exceptional tradesmen that we use regularly.


6. What do your clients love about your service?

SW – I think our clients like our honest, consistent, straight forward approach to finding labour solutions. We take our time to understand the requirements and ensure we offer solutions that meet their expectations. It’s important to add that if we can’t match their requirements, we will be upfront and let them know.


7. Why should potential clients/candidates reading this come to you?

We are the best-looking guys in the game!

We work with integrity and honesty at all times and want to ensure that our clients are happy with the labour supplied and ensure that our candidates are happy with the projects they are placed on.

We also work hard. It’s not difficult, what we do, however you have to be persistent, consistent, upfront and committed to ensure everyone is happy and you attract and retain good quality clients and candidates.


8. What is your favourite thing about Farsight so far?

JD – All my new colleagues are ambitious and driven but remain friendly and helpful. It’s a collaborative effort every day and everyone wants to help make Farsight a success.

SW – It’s been a refreshing first month with the business and although we are happy with our performance to date it’s been a team effort. So far, it’s been enjoyable and there is a great atmosphere that promotes hard work and maximum effort at all times.


9. Tell us a bit more about yourself?

SW – Interesting fact. My identical twin is a QS for a large builder which always helps when I am on site visits. Apart from that I am a massive football fan/player/coach and enjoy anything that helps keep you fit. Completed the 3 peaks a few times and enjoy completing charitable cycles each year with my Dad.

Apart from that I love real ale, gin and whiskey and love to get away once or twice a year on a relaxing holiday indulging in anything sweet and alcoholic!!

…And I have an OCD for cleaning and trying to get my lawn greener than the neighbours!!

JD – I am a typical young man who enjoys socialising with friends and family. After recently becoming a proud homeowner one of my new hobbies is DIY. Most weekends you can find me in a Derby pub enjoying a few beers.


10. How should people get in touch with you?

There are a number of ways to get in touch with us. We have listed a few below. 

Call –

Office 01332370300

Sean 07590021212

Jacob 07713709125

Email –


 Contact Farsight on LinkedIn

 Contact Sean on LinkedIn

 Contact Jacob on LinkedIn


There you have it… the inside gossip on everything Farsight M&E. If you can think of anything else you’d like to know about Sean and Jacob, head over to their people’s page on the Farsight website. For all M&E or construction enquiries give our friendly office a call on 01332370300. 

Posted 28th April 2017

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