How to WOW at your job interview!

How to WOW at your job interview!

Throughout Farsight’s 12 years’ of business we have held a fair few interviews. We put our heads together and thought of a few tips on how to ace your interview based on the things we look out for in potential employees.


1 – Preparation is key

Research the company, nothing too in depth, I have never asked someone what our credit score is or our company registration number but things like the company values are good to know. Look up difficult interview questions and practice how you would like to answer to avoid not answering to the best of your ability when put on the spot. Make a list of the desired experience on the job advert and in your interview relate your experience back to this list.


2 – Time keeping

Be early but not too early. It is good to arrive at an interview 10 to 15 minutes early, you aren’t rushing, you are showing you are prompt and you have time to compose yourself before being taken into the interview. Arriving late is a big black mark against your name (if there is a genuine reason you are running late make sure to call as early as possible and let the company know). At the same time arriving too early is not desirable. If you have been asked to attend an interview at 10am turning up at 9am is more than likely going to mean the interviewer is busy and not had time to prepare for your arrival.


3 – Calm your nerves

Nerves can be good as they show you really want the job, however if you let your nerves take control you may be slipping into nervous habits you are unaware of. For example, some people touch their face or hair excessively, some people will repeat words like erm or like. This will be picked up by the interviewer so try to stay calm and if you don’t know an answer to a question straight away rather than saying erm just give yourself a few seconds to think and then answer confidently.


4 – Be yourself!

We think the most important point is to be yourself. Don’t let the pressure of an interview cloud your personality. A lot of companies now hire based on how well you will fit into the company culture so relax and if you are the right person for the company, they probably weren’t the right company for you either. 

Posted 14th July 2017

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