Hotel and Leisure Sector

Are we going to see a rise in the hotel and leisure sector in 2014?

The recession affected all sectors and businesses within the construction industry but the hotel and leisure sector was by far the worst affected by the economic downturn. There are many reasons that have lead to this constant decrease in the value of leisure starts; a few of these are as the general public have struggled through unemployment, low earnings and inflation of the recent recession. With an 8% decline in the value of projects started on hotels in the second half of 2013, this sector is feeling the hard times as this accounted for over half the activity in the hotel and leisure sector over the last 3 years.

Looking into 2014, activity within this sector is starting to increase and there is a lot of potential for visible growth of construction on the hotel and leisure sector. Construction of leisure and hotel facilities will follow trends of the retail sector, this due to retail developers focusing on making the location a more thriving shopping destination, leading to them supporting and encouraging restaurants, cinema’s and other businesses to the area.

What does this mean for companies such as you? With an increase in hotel and leisure developments due to happen through 2014, other sectors will thrive, including the retail sector. Clients in these sectors are going to need contractors such as you to help develop their chains of stores and restaurants across the UK. And with this rapid increase of work a possibility you’re going to need a source of additional labour you can count on. Farsight have been running for over 8 years, making it one of the longest standing agencies in the midlands, building its reputation for honesty and supplying only the best candidates.

Take a look at our available star workers below who have worked for us recently through our clients, available tomorrow and with glowing references these candidates would definitely drive your projects to that all important deadline.

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Posted 1st June 2015

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