Farsight's otherworldly experience

Farsight's otherworldly experience



The Farsight Christmas party was a magical sight for all to behold. We met at the Farsight office to begin our night and give out tickets for entry and wristbands for drinks. After some much needed group photos (We don’t scrub up this well that often!) we were soon on our way to The Roundhouse in Derby.




It was my first experience of a Farsight Christmas as well as my first experience of the Roundhouse and I was not disappointed! I had heard rumours of what may lay in wait for me but it exceeded all expectations. I walked into what can only be described as a Wonderland. The walls of the huge circular room were adorned with fairy lights and from the ceiling large lanterns have been hung. The floor was covered in a green carpet not dissimilar to grass and poison ivy hung from the mirrors that hung on the walls. The three long bars were arched with tree trunks, and branches and mystical creatures roamed among us. It really was like stepping into a whole new world.



         In the centre of the room was the stage

         and dance floor and all around the outside

         were the tables with glorious candle centrepieces.

         Dinner was served as a military operation. You

         saw there waiting staff pour from the kitchen

         doors in teams of 8, and together they would

         surround a table and almost in unison would

         place your food in front of you, it was a beautiful

         thing to watch! I almost thought it was part of the

         evenings entertainment, that was until the actual

         entertainment took the floor.






With a mix of circus acrobatics, flying swings,

stilted creatures and choreographed fast moving

dance routines I could barely keep my eyes on what

I was eating (Which was delicious, by the way).

The dancers came in a steady flow and there was

never a dull moment. The outfits were fascinating

and the movements were outlandish, even

memorising – it all fitted perfectly with the décor

and the atmosphere of the evening.




During the lull between courses (dessert was amazing selection of 3 mini desserts) I snuck off to the bar (the wristbands we had purchased allowed unlimited drinks all night) to see what other wonders were in store.



         I soon found some people walking off down

         a large corridor I hadn’t noticed on my way

         into the building (I blame the snow queen looking

         character). I decided to follow them and found myself

         in a room which was a mixture of a casino and fairground.

         A sign near the entry instructed me that any gambling

         was just for fun and all profits went to charity. I watched

         in bemusement as a man in a 3-piece suit attempted to

         dangle from a metal bar for two minutes in the hopes to

         win his date a teddy; unfortunately, he fell with only

         30 seconds left on the clock.



As I exclaimed what a brilliant idea this was, a member of staff ask whether I had seen what was outside – taking my puzzled look as an answer they led me outside to discovered something else I had missed on my entry – and it was pretty hard to miss in all honesty! 


Bumper cars! Just waiting and willing,

I had to resist jumping in right there and then.

I took a moment to wonder how this would work

after an evening of unlimited drinking for the

majority of my team, but deciding they could

handle it I tore myself away to run back to my

table and tell them of the wonders I had found.

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the many

delights that The Roundhouse Christmas party had to offer.






“It was amazing,” Stated the newest member of our team, Resourcer Parris. “I have never been to a Christmas party quite like that before.” The rest of the team murmured their agreement when asked for their opinion of the Christmas party. It’s pretty clear to see, when Farsight want to do anything (and I mean, anything) then they really go all out!

Until next year!  Pip Gorringe, Marketing Manager





Posted 13th January 2017

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