Farsight Recruitment - Our Team Rules!

Farsight Recruitment - Our Team Rules!

Recognising, attracting and developing the best people for the job is something that Farsight Recruitment is committed to achieving - not only for its clients, but for the long term success and growth of its own pool of dedicated young talent.

A set of 17 ‘Our Team Rules’ features prominently within the branding of Farsight’s modern city centre offices - and is always high on the agenda of team meetings and internal reviews - underlining the firm’s commitment to the vision, mission, culture and success of clients and the company itself. Each week the entire Farsight Recruitment team considers a ‘spotlight’ rule and nominate the colleague who they think has best demonstrated a commitment to that rule over recent weeks.

This week, the ’spotlight' rule was’ Candour', its meaning illustrated within the sentence; "I always air any grievances immediately with the relevant person rather than building it up internally. I understand that honest, transparent communication is the number one ingredient for a happy and productive office.`’

On Friday 16th October, votes were cast for the Farsight team member who best demonstrates ‘Candour' in the work place.  Congratulations to Jack Searcy and Ashley Smith -  joint winners with 4 votes each! Jack is a Senior Resourcer - finding temporary placements and staff for clients - and Ashley is a Recruitment Consultant.

Next week Farsight’s ’spotlight’  rule will be; ‘Commitment', this will be closely followed by ‘Abundance' the following week.

Look out for more 'Our Team Rules' winners in the coming weeks. 

View all 17 Farsight Recruitment Team Rules, here.

Posted 19th October 2015

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