Farsight quarterly meeting is a hit!

Farsight quarterly meeting is a hit!


Once a month we have our quarterly financial meeting. This gives everyone in the office a chance to catch up with what has happened in the last 3 months, what targets were hit, what we need to improve on and how the company is doing in general.



We do this by presentation on a PowerPoint, and everyone in the office is responsible for at least one slide on that presentation. We get in pizza and beers, dim the lights, and get ready for the afternoon!







Though the presentation is more interesting than most PowerPoint presentations (in my opinion) it is really the end of the meeting that most people look forward to. After the presentation, awards are given out for those employees that have really stood out in the last quarter.


The prizes are:

Best Sales Consultant

Above and Beyond Employee

New Registrations

New Sales

Rules of the Game

Outstanding employee


Best Sales Consultant and Outstanding Employee are chosen by management based on individuals performance’s throughout the quarter and the rest are chosen at random from a number from a hat. Every week the person who has won the ‘Rule of the Game’ for that week will be asked to pick a number (we call it a bingo number) and whoever gets the most candidate registrations or new sales for the week gets to choose a number. Once a month we also have a ‘Above and Beyond’ box where people can nominate colleagues for doing something that is above and beyond their job description. The person that win’s above and beyond that month (Chosen by management if there is more than one) also gets to choose a number. The more numbers you get to choose, the more chance you have of winning!







     First up we had Jess Smith who won ‘Above and

      Beyond Employee’. Jess had a very good chance

     of winning this due to being voted for ‘Above and

     Beyond’ a few times, this is because she is constantly

     going out of her way to help her colleagues and do

     great things for Farsight! 










Second up was Jess Lees who won ‘Rules     

of the Game’. Jess had more numbers in the     

hat than most people as she is the epitome     

of the values that Farsight is all about and is     

therefore almost always voted for the weeks     

‘Rule of the Game’.      












     Next we had Paige who won most ‘New Sales’

     award. Paige is naturally very charismatic and

     a marvel on the phone so it’s no wonder that

     she gets a lot of new sales in. 












For ‘New Registrations’ we had Becky     

who won. Becky is a whizz on social media     

and puts her success down to going out of     

her way to reach out to people looking for     

work online. Looks like it paid off!     






Our last two awards are chosen by management and a lot of thought and effort goes into deciding who should get these. As well as receiving a bottle of bubbly and gift vouchers, our winners receive a Farsight plaque to remind them of their win.






     Jess Lees won ‘Outstanding Employee’

     for all her hard work in the office. She

     always does seem to be everywhere at once,

     and if there is something that you need to know,

     odds are that Jess will know the answer! Well done

     Jess for winning this award, it is very well deserved.










Our last award went to Carl who won

‘Best Sales Consultant’. Carl has only

been with us just over 3 months but has

done amazingly since day one. Constantly

over target and going above and beyond for

his clients, Carl was always a favourite to

win this award. Well done Carl!






The afternoon did not finish there however! Hidden in the office was a bottle of bubbly, doughnuts and a bunch of flowers for our Director, Donna.

Donna does a ridiculous amount of work at Farsight and you can tell that she loves every second of it! For all her hard work and her support, we decided to surprise her with these gifts as a way of saying thank you. She was very pleasantly surprised and had a tear come to her eye – bless! 




All in all, a very successful afternoon for everyone, followed by a night at the pub to celebrate! That night we also had two reasons for celebrating. Find out all about how Farsight found out we had won the Best Recruitment Agency award!



Posted 25th November 2016

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