Farsight gives apprentices the chance to shine

Farsight gives apprentices the chance to shine

‘Put any young person in the right environment to learn, amongst the right team of people - and they will aspire and achieve.’ This is one belief of the management team at Farsight Recruitment - key players in Derbyshire and the UK’s recruitment sector, specialising in finding and placing staff in the construction industry.

A third of its own 19-strong staff team has been through, or is currently a part of, the Government’s National Apprenticeship Scheme. The outstanding results of this recruitment and training mean that this process is unlikely to change.

The majority of Farsight apprentices are taken on to work and train initially in the role of Resourcer at the company. This role entails regular liaison with thousands of candidates looking for work, checking availability, updating records and securing placements - in support of their senior colleagues.

The key to success within the apprenticeship scheme is setting extremely high standards, and leading by example.If you have a strong business ethos and values, good processes and an effective culture within your business –apprentices will thrive within it. 

Tom Dean, CEO Farsight Recruitment.



Under the scheme’s ‘Office Admin’ role, apprentices receive a regular wage while working towards an NVQ. They receive quality training and mentoring in a vibrant environment, undertake regular reviews for the first year.  At the end of a successful year the apprentice is hired with an instant increase in salary, bags of experience, enhanced levels in confidence - and a personal development plan in place. 

Tom Dean, founder and CEO of Derby-based Farsight Recruitment, has always been a keen supporter of Apprenticeships, himself making his way in life with no formal qualifications.

“I’m a strong advocate of the apprenticeship scheme because I think it’s very important young people get the opportunity to fulfil their natural ability without necessarily going through the formal education system. Additionally it has an extremely positive impact on my business.”

Tom explains, “Many apprentices have little work experience, or are straight out of school without a single day’s work under their belt.

“We actively recruit those who have a fresh and vibrant attitude to life and possess raw talent. We look for candidates that have not picked up bad habits in the workplace – not only in regard to skills but also in attitudes to their work and those around them.”

“This puts us in a position of responsibility, but also provides us with a team of people that will naturally adopt our values and become excellent ambassadors for the company. We have seen such changes in our apprentices, and often receive very positive feedback from their own families and communities.”

Just one of Farsight’s many developmental practices is instilling in staff its ‘Farsight Team Rules’. Each week, the entire Farsight staff come together to recognise and reward colleagues for continually demonstrating qualities set out in it’s highly visible collection of 17 ‘Rules’.

These behavioural prompts cover areas including; integrity, communication, ownership of actions and outcomes, learning from mistakes, team working, appearance and showing gratitude.

“I’d say to any business considering taking on apprentices – uppermost that they are NOT cheap labour. They are an opportunity to shape young people into outstanding, ethical individuals who will achieve for themselves and for you. 

We are incredibly proud of all our apprentices and look forward to meeting and growing with many more on our journey.”


Our apprentices - past and present:






Name: Abby Charleton
Position: Key Account Manager
Apprenticeship Period: July 2014 – 2015
Start age: 19 years

Abby had already worked for 3 years as a self-employed hairdresser, she wanted a change but needed new skills to take her down a different career path.

Abby’s natural talent was immediately recognised by Farsight and, in less that 2 years from her apprenticeship start date, Abby is training to take on the role of Assistant Manager at Farsight at the end of March 2016 with a view to becoming Branch Manager at the point of the company’s expansion in the coming months.

“I was shy at school. Working as a hairdresser brought me out of my shell, but not in a good way, shall we say.  Being at Farsight has taught me to be confident, including how to express my opinion in a positive way.  I can talk to anyone now, and can challenge ideas and views without giving offence – I always say that this is thanks to working at Farsight.”






Name: Emma Wye  
Position: Resourcer
Apprenticeship Period: June 2015 – present
Start age: 17 years

Unfortunately, Emma left school and then college at 17, with no qualifications due to relocation and subsequent college closure, mid-term, brought about by budget cuts.

I knew this apprenticeship was my last chance to make something of myself and was determined to make it work.

The best thing for me is being able to earn whilst I learn. When I joined Farsight I didn’t know what to expect, as it was my first job. I’d been out of a routine for a while, so it was a shock to the system when I had to get up for work early. But now, 9 months down the line I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

The working world was new to me, I seriously didn’t know if I’d have what it takes to succeed – but I do! Here I am talking to you at work, amongst my friends, on my 18th birthday! I’ve changed so much since being here - I feel like I’ve grown years not months.  That’s what working at Farsight does for you.” 






Name: Chloe Wright
Position: Trainee Accounts Clerk
Apprenticeship period; May 2014
Start age: 16

The youngest apprentice at Farsight, Chloe couldn’t wait to get out of school. She finished on the Friday and started work at Farsight on the following Monday.

“I think the main attraction of an apprenticeship is earning while you are learning, but as well as that its work experience.  College is great for getting vocational qualifications, but all the time you are there you are falling behind on actual work experience. I suppose it depends on the type of career you are looking for.”






Name: Jack Searcy
Position: Senior Resourcer
Apprenticeship Period: October 2013 – 2014
Start age: 17 years

Jack spent his first year after school in college studying accountancy, business and media, but didn’t really like it.   He looked at apprenticeships as a way to earn and learn, and give up his part-time job as barman.

“My biggest challenge was getting on the phones and growing confident in that. I was really nervy at first, but after the first few calls you start to get used to it – especially when everyone is really supportive.

After the year’s apprenticeship Jack became Senior Resourcer and has further expanded his role by taking on new responsibilities.

“I just started doing extra jobs helping out, now I train all of the new starters on our systems and procedures – I love this side of the job, and hope to do more of it as the company grows.”






Name: Josh Barrow
Position: Resourcer
Apprenticeship Period: June 2015 to present
Start age: 17 years

Josh had gone onto 6th form at school, but was not enjoying it - he decided to try an apprenticeship to ‘escape’ and start earning.

“I sometimes pick up my mates from school now and feel like I’m ahead of them, because I have a full time job.  They are still at school walking around amongst 11 year olds and having teachers shouting at them.  I think to myself that just a few months ago that was me, messing around at school – now I feel like an adult on a path to a great career.”

Posted 15th March 2016

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