Farsight CEO Travels to Sri Lanka for Children in Poverty

Farsight CEO Travels to Sri Lanka for Children in Poverty

Tom became a supporter of the Rainbow Centre following the tragic loss of his best friend, Stephen Graham, who lived in Sri Lanka. Together with Stephen’s friends and family, Tom has been involved in the Centre’s development through fundraising and management support, in his memory.

The Rainbow Centre was set up following the tsunami in December 2005 to help the children living in coastal south-western Sri Lanka with no access to aid, no identity and no hope for the future.  These children slept on the street or sheltered in huts without water or electricity and depended on begging to survive.

The Centre’s key aim is to give the children access to the mainstream education system - without this support most of them would never be able to go to school because of poverty, parental pressure to beg and lack of identity documents.

Tom, the Graham family and several of Stephen’s friends recently made the trip to celebrate the official opening of the Rainbow Centre’s new air-conditioned classroom that they raised funds to provide. The classroom was desperately needed to accommodate the rapidly growing number of children needing a quiet place for after-school tuition.

Inspired by his friend Stephen, Tom has spent as much time as is possible at the Centre and helped facilitate its transformation, including installation of its own generator, a projector for long distance learning and the purchase of a full set of musical instruments. 

“It is amazing to see the opportunities that the Rainbow Centre provides to otherwise ‘lost’ children,” said Tom. “I’m only too happy to put my business experience to good use for a wonderful cause, and I know Stephen would be proud of what we’re all achieving on his behalf.”

Tom continues to advise on the management of the Centre and makes the trip to visit as often as he is able.

If you would like to find out more about the Rainbow Centre, make a donation, or get involved in its development, please visit its website, here, or go to its JustGiving page.

Posted 10th February 2016

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