Farsight quarter 2 meeting

Farsight quarter 2 meeting

The Farsight quarter two meeting last Friday was a great success. The pizza had already been eaten when we settled down with all eyes on the projector showing off results from the last 3 months.


We look at the targets for the previous quarter and examine reasons why they were (or weren’t!) met, before moving on to the targets for next month and what we need to do to achieve them.

We discuss the charity events we have planned, such as our charity murder mystery evening how much money has been raised so far and what we plan to do to hit our target.

Tom talks briefly about his travels over the winter months and his plans for the business going forward, always an exciting section. Once most of the slides are finished we move into our favourite part – the Farsight Quarterly Awards!


Every Quarter the awards change slightly based on business objectives, with the first 4 award winners being selected at random from those who had won challenges or competitions in the office over the last 3 months. 



               The first award was ‘Above and Beyond’ which

                our superstar Recruitment Consultant Heather won.

               She had been voted 5 times over the last 3 months

               for going above and beyond her role so this

               award was justly deserved!





The second award was for the ‘Rules of the Game’.     

Farsight colleagues vote for each other for

demonstarting that week's chosen rule of the game.

The winner goes into the hat, each time earning an extra

chance to win at the quarter end.The winner this

quarter was Marketing Manager, Pip Gorringe.






               Our ‘Guess Who’ award was a competition

               with entries from people that hit their target

               week by week. Our wonderful Senior Resourcer,

               Jack was selected as the winner.






Our forth award was specifically for     

GP generating staff. Consultants who had brought     

on a new client or were 125% above their targets     

were entered. Our newest consultant Charlie who

has really hit the ground running was the winner.

Well done Charlie!     



Our last two awards are much sought after as they not only include gift vouchers and a bottle of wine, but the much coveted Farsight trophy!



               First was the ‘Best Sales Person’ of the

               Quarter awarded to no other than Charlie,

               snagging his 2nd win of the night. Charlie

               constantly hit and exceeded his target over

               the quarter and showed real tenacity and drive

               to pick up new business. A star in the making.






The last award of the afternoon was for our

‘Outstanding Employee’ of the quarter.

After a touching speech from Sales Manager

Abby, it was our Marketing Manager Pip who

went away with the prize. Congratulations Pip!




Lastly, we waited to hear who the winner was for the Dragon’s Den training session… Abby explained that there was such quality and variation in the presentations, making it impossible to pick a single winner – “Everyone did brilliantly”. So instead of rewarding a single person Tom is buying lunch out for all who took part as a well done, and extending the break so there’s no rush. It was a brilliant end to a fantastic quarter and the team can’t wait for the next!




Posted 17th February 2017

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