Excuses too good to be excuses

Excuses too good to be excuses

Working in recruitment you hear a fair few excuses. Excuses as to why people are late or need to leave early, excuses because a client needs to cancel staff last minute. But the most common excuses we get are for people who didn’t turn up for work at all. I have collated a few of my favourites to share. If you get any of these from your employees on Monday, I apologise.


“I have just inherited a house from a dead relative and need to go and sign the paperwork.”

- I would like to add to this one that it was 7am and he had accepted the job at 4pm the previous day. So he had found out the prior evening about the relative dying and then had to visit the solicitors at 7am to sign the house deeds. If you’re thinking solicitors don’t normally open that early or do will readings overnight… you’d be right.


“I spilt my morning tea on myself.”

- I don’t need to say much more here do I. Spilling his drink on himself before he left the house incapacitated him for the rest of the day.


“I was running for the bus and I fell over into a puddle so had to go home to change but my mobile had got wet so I couldn’t use it to call and let you know”

- Poor guy had some bad luck that morning… the fact I was calling him on that mobile didn’t mean he was lying... Did it?


“I don’t work weekends!”

- The back story to this one is that I was calling him on a Monday morning to ask why he wasn’t on site… he told me he didn’t work weekends and I reminded him it was Monday, I’m not sure who could hang up quicker.


“I got locked out so had to go and sleep in the porta loo on my last site, got locked in and couldn’t get out until the site manager came and let me out”

- Say no more.


Runner up excuses included being run over on the way to work, sunburn, an escaped dog and not returning to a site because it was bigger than expected. I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed reminiscing about them. Happy Friday! 

- Megan Smith, Social Media Consultant

Posted 30th June 2017

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