Do you have the recruitment factor?

Do you have the recruitment factor?

When we hire recruitment consultants, we often open it out to people with sales experience and not necessarily recruitment experience. This usually means they don’t have a full understanding of what makes a successful recruitment consultant. With us currently on the hunt for the perfect person to join our thriving construction team we thought now would be the ideal time to share what we think gives you the recruitment factor. The whole Farsight team had ideas but we managed to condense it down to three main points for you.


1 – Honesty and integrity

You are working with clients who genuinely need your services and candidates who really want work. Being dishonest or not keeping your promises is only going to end in a loss of trust and ultimately a loss of business relationships.


2 – Self-motivation

It can be a difficult role at times, clients might be too busy to talk to you, and candidates may not want to start a job you have found for them. You have to be able to motivate yourself to pull through the harder parts of job and get to the rewarding parts.


3 – Consistency and reliability

You will have bad days and great days. It is important to offer a consistent service at all times. You need to be consistent in your communication and updates making you reliable to both candidates and clients.


Do these points describe your work ethic? If you think you have the recruitment factor call our Sales Manager, Abby on 01332370300 to find out more about our next recruitment day.      

Posted 9th June 2017

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