Death of the formal interview

Death of the formal interview

In days gone by it was the norm when invited to an interview to arrive promptly, smartly dressed with a copy of your CV and expect a formal sit down meeting with the manager or company owner. You would talk about your experience and abilities in relation to the vacancy. Trends are changing and companies are racing to keep up with the social media generation but what does that mean for recruitment?


You’ll see a lot more of this:

. Companies holding open days advertised on their website and social media pages, often open to everyone, candidates can go along and find out more about the establishment and available positions,

. Business’ holding recruitment/assessment days, a more selected audience (often dwindled down by an application process or telephone interview) are invited to attend a day with the management team where they may take part in ability measuring activities and tests,

. Casual meetings with the hirer where candidates of interest are invited to meet for a coffee and a ‘chat’.


You’ll see a lot less of this:

. Long winded recruitment process’ consisting of sit down interviews with multiple members of the management team,

. ‘Conventional’ to the point CV’s with no personality injected into them,

. Employees being hired on ability alone, fitting in with the company environment and values is becoming more and more important.


We love the idea of a more relaxed hiring process. Sales Manager, Abby says “It is important to us to embrace modern recruitment and cater to our target audience that is why we are holding a recruitment day to find our next newcomer. They need to fit in with our office atmosphere so seeing how potential employees interact with each other is vital, happy staff means a happy company”.

We aren’t sure we’ll be attending interviews in jeans and a t-shirt anytime soon but we are more than happy to say RIP to the formal interview. 

Posted 16th June 2017

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