CV blunders and how to avoid them

CV blunders and how to avoid them

It can be a long a stressful road to finding your dream job, so imagine finding the perfect job for you and not even getting to interview stage because you’ve made a small mistake on your CV which turned out to be a BIG turn off for the hiring manager. We have gathered a few common CV blunders and the best ways to avoid them to give you an insight on what companies see when you apply for a job.


Your CV is outdated;

You may harmlessly think, ‘I’ll just send this CV over and not pop my current job on there because they’ll ask me about that at the interview.’ However this could say one of two things to the employer reading your application. Thought one is you have been out of work since your last job, this leads to a whole trail of thoughts such as why did you leave, what have you been doing and why have you struggled to find another job. Thought two is the job wasn’t important enough to you to update your CV before applying. I’m sure neither option was how you wanted to portray yourself but that piece of paper says it all and needs to represent you as accurately as possible.

To avoid; Keep your CV up to date at all times but also don’t get over excited about applying for jobs and send your CV in a hurry, giving yourself time to check over your application also gives you time to consider if the job is definitely ideal for you.


Your CV is misspelt;

  Poor spelling is not a crime and depending on the job you are applying for it may not be too harshly judged. However since you haven’t met the hiring manager yet and don’t know if they are a stickler for spelling and grammar or a laid back Lucy, it is better to be safe than sorry.

To avoid; ask a family member or friend to proof read for you. You may have been UK spelling bee 2017 but even the best writers miss stuff sometimes so ask someone to read through, check for spelling, grammar and that the CV flows, gives enough detail and makes sense.


You haven’t read the person specification;

When looking for a new member of staff to join the team hiring managers will write up a job specification, a person specification or even just an advert stating what they are looking for in applicants. If you are looking for a change of career and therefore need to apply for jobs where you don’t match the exact specification, you should point this out to the employer. I won’t sugar coat this… CVs and applications received that very clearly don’t meet the essential experience, at least, will just be thrown out. You may come across amazingly in person but if they have asked for applications from people with five years’ experience and you don’t have any, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be invited to interview to show off your glowing personality.

To avoid; always make use of a cover letter to explain your reasons for applying for a job that you aren’t perfect for OR how your current skills and experience is transferrable to their company.


Your hobbies matter;

People often think that the hobbies and interests part of the CV is redundant and don’t get me wrong if I came across a CV that didn’t have this section I wouldn’t write it off. However if you are going to include hobbies in your application you need to make sure it is done well. Think about what you could bring to job role that you have learnt from your hobbies, for example you might enjoy playing basketball at the weekends and that has taught you to work well as part of a team and strategise. As opposed to saying something along the lines of ‘I enjoy socialising with friends’ which roughly translates as I enjoy going out for one to many drinks, although that paints you as a social person it isn’t necessarily the skills a future employer are looking for.

To avoid; list all the things you enjoy doing outside of work, write one transferable skill for each and then decide which ones are most relevant to the job you want and list those (and the reasons) on your CV.


There are hundreds of ways to make your CV stand out from the crowd but if you start with these points, take your time and include lots of details about your experience you’re sure to be fighting off the job offers in no time.


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Posted 7th April 2017

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