Construction History

Construction History

In June 1987 the theme park, American Adventure, first opened it's gates. Local to both Nottingham and Derby, on the boarder of Ilkeston, it was known and loved by many in the Midlands. Home to a number of rides and attractions it was a family favourite for 20 years' before closing down in January 2007. But what ever happened to that vast plot of land? 

For little under 10 years' the land stood stagnant and unused. Gated up with derelict attraction buildings remaining for a couple of years' after the closure, the theme park started to resemble a graveyard for fun. 

Fast forward to 2016 and there have already been multiple requests for planning permission all rejected, according to local news someone was keen to invest in building a large housing estate but due to lack of regard for the affect on surrounding traffic, they were declined. 

Enter; Shipley Lakeside. August 2016 and a full site investigation is underway for the Shipley Lakeside Development, hinting that someone has received planning permission. Their proposal includes; re-opening the lakeside area to the public, 307 new homes, a business park, a garden centre, an area for training and education facilities, healthcare and retirement provision, pub, restaurant, hotel and conference suite. 

Due to the extensive work required on the land, it is predicted that no house building will start until the end of 2017 and the full development will take 10 years' to complete with 30-40 houses being built per annum. 

It is 2018 and we are yet to see any properties spring up. Will this project make construction history or be a construction flop and stay in ruin? 



Posted 23rd February 2018

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