CEO Tom goes nuts for Farsight

CEO Tom goes nuts for Farsight

Farsight CEO, Tom Dean, is a firm believer in supporting staff to be the best that they can be, and his decision to provide vitamin and mineral-packed snacks for the team is one more way in which he can help them keep mind and body healthy and active.

Tom has always kept the office in fresh supply of fruit for staff and visitors to snack on throughout the day - and now he’s decided to give the team a little extra boost to keep energy levels up - with a regular supply of nuts.

“We all know that fruit gives us enormous benefits - through vitamins and minerals,” explains Tom. “But it’s less commonly known that nuts have immense health benefits too.”

Nuts are packed with protein, fibre and essential fats - and just a small handful a day can provide a vitality boost and provides a rare and valuable mix of vitamins and minerals.  It is commonly believed that nuts are high in fat, and therefore should be avoided.  In fact they are high in fat, but much of this fat is the healthy variety of unsaturated fat, so the benefits way outweigh the harm.

“Anything I can do to help my team to stay healthy and focussed, I will.” Concludes Tom.  “This is just one small thing, but if it helps to create new, healthier eating habits by having good snacks on tap, then I am a happy man!”

Tom provides all of his staff with free gym membership, has free fruit and vegetable smoothies on the menu and provides 'how to stop smoking' books and dvd's to any staff who want them -  making Farsight Recruitment, probably, the healthiest office in Derby!


Did you know?

• Brazil nuts are a good source of mineral selenium which amongst other things helps wounds to heal?  Just 3 or 4 Brazils a day gives you all the Selenium your body needs.

• Cashews are rich in the mineral Magnesium - thought to improve recall and delay age-related memory loss.


Read of these health benefits of the most popular nuts on the BBC website.

Posted 22nd March 2016

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