CEO to apprentice

CEO to apprentice

Farsight CEO, Tom, has set himself a new challenge. His goal is to fulfil his dream to build a self-sufficient eco house in the next 5 years. But wait, that's just part of the challenge...

Tom wants to be fully involved in the design and build of his new home and to do that he needs to learn a certain set of skills. Having run a construction specialist recruitment agency for the last 12 years he has great knowledge about the industry on paper, but now he is delving deeper into the practical aspects. 

This is where you can help. Tom has always been passionate about carpentry and is hoping to train in all aspects of carpentry and joinery, on and off site. You are probably thinking ‘what is in it for me?’ so let me tell you. Tom is offering himself out as a joiners mate, entirely free, for one or two days a week and he is available to start immediately. 

‘I’m a hard worker, pick things up fast and won’t need babysitting. I’m also free!’ Tom states in his short LinkedIn CV

Are you a cabinet maker, bench joiner or site carpenter? Could you use a free labourer once or twice a week? If you answered yes to both please call us today! 01332 370300.

Posted 26th May 2017

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