Farsight wins UK 'Best Recruitment Agency'

Farsight wins UK 'Best Recruitment Agency'

Friday was a very exciting day for the Farsight team in the run up to the mighty On TheTools Awards ceremony at the Emirates Stadium in London. Farsight were announced as the nation's ‘Best Recruitment Agency’!




On The Tools is the UK's fastest growing construction community, with over 1 million Facebook followers. Their huge following across social media platforms really shows how in touch they are with UK construction workers.


Farsight entered for the award in September and were elated to be confirmed as shortlisted in early October. “When we made it to the shortlist the whole team were excited. Naturally that excitement built up right to the night of the awards,” says Marketing Manager, Pip, who submitted the application for the award. “It’s a tough category and there are a lot of recruitment companies that operate in the construction industry. To have won is really a great achievement.” 


As luck would have it, the awards were held on the same day that Farsight have their quarterly meeting (always a hoot!), so none of the team could be there in person - though they were itching to go! Fortunately Tom arranged for two friends, Alan Barrel and Christian Hayes, to attend the ceremony on Farsight’s behalf... and as it turned out, accept the award!




The majority of the Farsight Team were out in Derby on Friday night celebrating after their successful quarterly meeting when Sales Manager, Abby, got the text at 10:00pm confirming that Farsight had won the award! She quickly gathered everyone together to announce the news and the celebrations continued into the early hours – truly the perfect end to the first financial quarter of the year! 





When the news reached Tom he went straight to Facebook to announce it to all his friends and family, tagging all the Farsight staff and thanking them. Tom has put 11 years of blood, sweat and tears into his company so to hear that they had won was a special moment.


“What an honour to receive a national award from a community made up of proper construction folk. I can't praise or thank my wonderful team enough for embracing Farsight's values of honesty and professionalism. For me, the credit is all theirs.” 


Farsight started off in a spare bedroom with just a copy of the yellow pages and a mobile phone and has gone from strength to strength ever since.


“Our hard work has paid off.” States Donna, Director of Farsight. “It’s the most precious feeling when your team's hard work gets recognised, I’m extremely proud of everyone as we have all worked equally hard to make this happen; taking the time to focus on building honest relationships with everyone we come into contact with. Well done Farsight family!”


Last week’s award is yet another indicator that Farsight are storming ahead when it comes to construction recruitment. If you would like to work with an honest, professional agency, call one of the team on 01332 370300 for a straight forward chat. 



                                                           Don’t Panic and Barney Newman Photography.


Posted 18th November 2016

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