Award winning site manager reveals all on winning the 'NHBC Regional'

Award winning site manager reveals all on winning the 'NHBC Regional'

Farsight were lucky enough to catch up with Henry Patecki this week, Site Manager at David Wilson Homes. DWH is a long-standing client of Farsight so we are fully aware of the tight ship Henry runs on site, but we wanted to know more about what makes him tick and how he managed to win multiple, consecutive awards.


“Hi Henry, can you tell us a bit more about the awards you have won?”

So far, I’ve won: Pride in the Job awards, Seal of Excellence awards (top 100 Site Managers in the country) and Regional awards (top 11 Site Managers in the country).


“You must take real pride in your sites! What steps do you take to ensure you win each year?”

Personally, I am passionate about my job, and my sites. I expect nothing less than the best from everyone involved in my projects, and that includes the agency supplying supplementary staff...


Do you set out to win an award each year or do they just come as part of the package when you put so much hard work in?

I put the hard work in regardless of the award, but that doesn’t mean I don’t aim to win every year. You always want to strive to be recognised as the best in your field, why wouldn’t you aim to win an award cementing that?


Does using agency staff influence the standard of your site?

Yes. I need to ensure I have the very best staff. People who take pride in their work. My consultant at Farsight knows what to look for to make sure I get exactly what I need. Using Farsight means I have enough manpower to ensure the site is the best it can be.


To find out why Henry rates Farsight’s staff so highly why not give us a call in the office today!


Posted 11th August 2017

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