Amazon Go

Amazon Go

Amazon the shopping giant has been running for 23 years and growing year on year. Always ahead of the curve, they are constantly coming up with new innovative ideas to entertain their customers, from Amazon Prime TV to instant delivery in the US. That’s right, you can order ice cream and it’ll be delivered to your front door before it’s melted. What will they do next, you ask? Enter; Amazon Go.

Amazon Go is your local shop with a twist, no checkout and no queues. You walk out as easily as you walked in. But how? You scan the app on your phone to enter and using computer vision and sensor fusion you can pick up what you want and leave. The app pays for you and sends you a receipt. Done. As simple as that.

The store offers made-to-go breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can even pick up an Amazon Go meal kit which gives you all the ingredients and instructions to make a meal for two in under 30 minutes (a bit like the UK’s Hello Fresh). It also sells a few grocery essentials, much like your local corner shop.

The only Amazon Go store is currently in Seattle but we are sure if the success they’ve received continues then they’ll be popping up in the UK in no time.

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Posted 27th January 2018

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