A day in the life of an Accounts Clerk

A day in the life of an Accounts Clerk

Meet Chloe. Resident Accounts Clerk to Farsight Recruitment for three years. She is 19 years’ old and joined the company as an apprentice, fresh out of school. Chloe is the go to gal for invoicing or payment queries and I know you’re as excited as us to know what goes on behind the closed door to ‘the accounts team’. So let’s get down to business.  


1. Tell us about yourself and how your career with Farsight started?

My name is Chloe, I am 19 and outside of work I love spending time with my family and friends. I finished school on a Friday (June 2014) and started working at Farsight on the Monday. I completed a Business Admin Apprenticeship and then moved onto NVQ Level 2 in Accounts and here I am three years on, I know the company and my role inside out.


2. Give us an example of what your typical day looks like?

I always get here nice and early, we start at 8 but I am here by half 7 to sit and eat my breakfast. Then depending on what day of the week it is I get stuck straight into processing timesheets/hours, checking new starter paperwork and sending them over to the payroll company or invoicing and making payments. I am usually none stop busy right up until the end of the day at 5.


3. What would you consider the most important task within your role?

I process payment for over 100 temporary workers on a weekly basis. I have to make sure they are paid correctly and on time every week all whilst working to a deadline set by our payroll companies. This is important to us as we value our workers very highly and would never want them to go unpaid for hard work they have carried out for us.


4. What do you love the most about Farsight?

We are lucky to work in a very friendly atmosphere, we are a tightknit team and we like to think of each other as a big family since we spend so much time together. I also share a lot of key values with Farsight as a company which is what drew me to the job in the first place. For example; honesty, consistency and being upfront.


5. What are your plans for the future?

I am on route to finishing my level 2 in accountancy and will be looking at starting my level 3 as soon as my final exam is out of the way.


6. How would your colleagues describe you?

Supportive, friendly and always happy to help. They would probably say I never get stressed, obviously I do sometimes but I am always smiling and happy to be here.


7. What is your favourite memory with Farsight?

When Farsight turned 10 in 2015 we had a big 10th birthday party for all the staff. We came into work in the morning and the management team had decorated with balloons and banners, they had bought a big Costco birthday cake and throughout the day we had games, competitions and activities, including draw your best self-portrait. Then we had a clown come in and do balloon modelling and a magician come in to do a few tricks. At the end of the working day we all got ready and got a mini bus to the dog racing where we got a three course meal and drinks paid for as well as some money to put a bet on. It was a really fun day and showed how well we all got on as a team and how proud we all are of the company. You don’t get that in many office jobs.


8. Where do you think you would be now if you never started at Farsight?

I’m honestly not sure what I would of done, I can’t picture myself being anywhere else now but I suppose I would of gone to college and would be looking into university.


9. Before we go, what one thing do you hope other people know about Farsight?

I really hope people don’t think of Farsight as the same as any other recruitment or sales office. We really are unique. Money is not our number 1 priority… or even our number 2 priority now I mention it. Candidates and clients come first every time. Our aim is to offer the best service possible to anyone that comes to us for work or workers.


To find out even more about Chloe head over to her page on the people section of our website.


For all enquiries or to set up a new account with us give us a call on 01332370300. 

Posted 13th April 2017

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