A day in the life of a Trainee Recruitment Consultant

A day in the life of a Trainee Recruitment Consultant

Friday 23rd of March 2018. 

4:30am – Early alarm clock and daily dosage of painkillers. It’s been 5 weeks since I had a major back operation to stabilize my lower spine and relieve the tension it was causing around the area. I have had a plate of material similar to carbon fibre drilled to different positions along my back and attaching supports to the top of my arms. The operation’s major risk was that it had the potential to paralyze me from the waist down, a fear that was very much real as I didn’t have any feeling in my legs for 5 days after it. I must take my medication at this time to ensure I am at least 75% functional for the working day, I am going to need all the brain power I can get!

6:00am – Proper wake up call! I have 50 minutes to leave the house. I have to dress the lower part of my back which hasn’t healed and ensure that I inject the numbing ailment into the right areas of the wound. I also have to get dressed and make sure I look presentable for the day.

6:50am – Out the house with my headphones and a nice walk to the bus stop. Normally in the morning I listen to Chris Moyles on Radio X, I am one of the few who followed him over from Radio 1 and I must say he plays some quality music to get you going for the long day ahead.

7:30am – Normally at this time the lift doors open, and Donna’s smile is the first thing that greets me as I walk in the office. This is followed by a “Good Morning” from Becky and a nice bowl of Granola to settle my stomach.

8:00am – With the radio turned on its time to pull up a search and start ringing some clients. Dixon is the tea lady of our pod and normally around this time he will perk up and ask us if we want a tea…. A true gent.

9:00am – The first back creek of the day, my body telling me I have been sat in the same position for too long and need to have a walk around. Followed by another tea call from Dixon.

10:10am – Morning Break, I sneak off for a Greggs pasty to settle my cravings… mmmm

11:10am – My first breakdown of the day and moan to Becky. She is my mentor, a great source of advice and enthusiasm.

12:00pm – Heather gets a booking from a client in a tumbleweed town with no transport routes, I jump in to help out the resourcers and I always manage to find her an option or two and save the day.

13:00pm – My favourite two words of the day LUNCH TIME! I wonder where I’ll eat today? Crawshaws? Nando’s? I settle for an all-day breakfast meal deal and a packet of M&M’s, my guilty pleasure.

13:45pm – Time to brag to Jack about Forest’s current form and Derby’s turmoil.

14:45pm – At this time I am either resourcing or seeing what business I can bring in, anything to help out the team.

16:30pm – Time to make sure my emails have been sent out for the day and reviewing what went right/what I can improve on ready for tomorrow.

17:00pm – Home time! Computer off and brain off!

17:45pm – Home at last! – time to relax and have dinner.



Posted 23rd March 2018

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