A day in the life of a Senior Account Manager

A day in the life of a Senior Account Manager

Wednesday 17th January 2018

5:00 am – First thing, I spring out of bed and jump into my gym gear. Going to the gym in a morning helps me to wake up and prepare for the busy day ahead.

6:30 am - DISASTER STRIKES – when we get to the changing rooms after our work out the showers are broken! Freezing cold shower, it is for me! The water freezes my head, but I don’t let it get me down!

7:00 am - Time to start calling my temps to make sure they are on their way to site! Sometimes I feel like a human alarm clock but its all part of the job! After that’s done it time for a well-deserved breakfast of avocado on toast.

8:00 am - The rest of the team are in the office by now, the radio is on and the buzz has already started from jobs being filled. I need to get organised for the day and allocate each resourcer a job to work on. Once I’ve organised the rest of the team it’s time to look at my own to do list, oh dear… looks like a busy day ahead.           

8:30 am - Time to chase any of the last few timesheets! Any timesheets not in within the next half an hour will result in an unpaid temp which is something we can’t allow! Luckily, when I check everyone’s is in!

08:36 amHeather, one of our recruitment consultants, gets an impossible to fill job in a difficult area! Its my job to gee up the team and get them thinking positive! Negative thinking doesn’t help any situation, especially in this industry!

10:25 am – I sit and wonder where my morning has gone. Its been filled with new jobs and candidates calling in letting us know they’re available for work. I’ve had a booking myself from one of Farsight’s Key Clients which I start working on immediately myself as all of the resourcers are busy filling other jobs!

11:08 am - Heather’s Job filled! The candidate is starting tomorrow and couldn’t be happier that he has a new job working for a great company.

12:15 am – I fill my job with 2 great guys who are Star Candidates. The candidates are thrilled to have work.

13:00 pm – Lunch time – it’s great to chill out for half an hour after a hectic morning. Today Myself and Matt, part of our resourcing team, watched an episode of friends in the staff room which made us giggle!

14:00 pm - Meeting time - We have a meeting every Wednesday where we share our nominations for our Rule of the Game that week. Its lovely to hear so many positive comments about other team members! This week is gratitude so everyone is thanking the rest of the team for being thankful! 

14:30 pm - POWER HOUR - At this time every day we have a team power hour where we all smash the phones together to really get the energy high. It’s a brilliant way to create a buzzing team environment and works well in creating better sales calls.

16:00 pm - Making sure everything is wrapped up and all the jobs are filled. I ring all my new starters for the next day to ensure they’ve packed their bags, made their lunch and are ready to start their new job the following day!

17:00 pm – Everyone leaves the office for the day. That doesn’t mean work stops, I still have some ID’s to chase this evening so it’s a good job I have my laptop so I can work from home.

18:00 pm – I get home and after I have sorted the ID’s, my dinner has been made! Bliss. End of a long day for me, time to watch last night’s Eastenders!

If you are looking for work or staff in the construction industry, why not give me a call in the office on 01332370300 and you could be the next person we find a new job or member of staff for. 

Posted 19th January 2018

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