4 ways to boost your construction career!

4 ways to boost your construction career!

Back in May the Farsight marketing team constructed (construction pun intended) a list of the ways employers could attract the best agency workers. This got me thinking, how can job seekers attract the best employers in construction? Here are my four tips for anyone looking to progress their construction career.


1. Tickets, tickets and more tickets. You can never have too many tickets and qualifications, if you want to further your skills and career then look into different tickets that would complement your current trade or skills. For example if you are a labourer, look into things like working at heights, asbestos awareness, IPAF and confined spaces, these are all qualifications that will help you move into skilled labouring for a variety of trades (and not all that pricey – contact our Sales Manager, Abby if you are struggling to find the best prices for training courses).


2. References. This sounds like a generic point to make but it is really relevant especially to regular agency workers. Don’t presume one reference from your longest employer will always be enough, a lot of companies will look for multiple references or references from the past 6 months. Every time you leave a site and feel you did a good job or got on well with the site manager ask him if you can take his mobile number and use him as a reference (this will also give you a little compilation of people you worked well with if you ever find yourself out of a job).


3. A portfolio of work. This might sound like something only architects or designers would do but employers love to see examples of work. Whether you are a time served bricklayer or a joiner just starting out, take photos of your work when you feel you’ve done a particularly neat job and compile these on a word document or even in a folder to show potential employers at interview stage.


4. Personality. You may have noticed in a few of our blogs that companies are looking more and more at personality. The world of recruitment is becoming creative so try and inject some personality into your CV and be yourself at interviews, company culture is a big deal and if your personality will fit into that culture it may win you the job.


Add me on Facebook and let me know if you have any other tips for employees trying to win a job in construction. Megan @ Farsight x

Posted 26th July 2017

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