4 things that make you a perfect candidate

4 things that make you a perfect candidate

When you work through an agency it can be frustrating when you get shortlisted for a job but someone else gets the start. Sometimes this is unavoidable due to another candidate working for the client before or something as simple as the other candidate being closer to site. However there are a few easy steps you can take to push you to the top of that shortlist.


Step one – Honesty

Honesty is a two way street and we will always be 100% upfront and honest with you about the entire job process, from the job duration to any concerns ourselves or our client has. In return we ask for complete honesty from you guys, if you don’t have the specific experience our job requires we would rather you let us know and we didn’t fill the job then send you out and end up letting you and the client down. Likewise if you really aren’t that interested in the job you can tell us, it won’t hurt our feelings, but if you just don’t turn up to the job we are less likely to put you forward for a job again in the future.


Step two – References

We promise two relevant and up to date work references to all of our clients. There is an odd occasion where they will state this isn’t required but that does mean if you refuse to provide references their will only be an ‘odd occasion’ where we can find you a job. Don’t take it personally if we ask you for a reference doing the type of work you are applying for, we will ask this to everyone that applies for the position if they haven’t worked for us in the last 6 months doing the same work. For example; if you have worked for us 5 months ago doing 2nd fix on a commercial refurb and you have just applied for a residential kitchen fitting role we will, you’ve guessed it, ask for a new reference where you have completed similar work. So be forthcoming with reference information and try to keep a record of recent employers so you can get in touch with them easily.


Step three – Communication

Keeping in touch is important during the recruiting process. Whether it be to get information from you or pass you information about the job/client it is important we can reach you. We wouldn’t want you to lose out on a job because you didn’t answer the phone and we thought you had changed your mind about it. Equally we don’t bite, here at Farsight, so if you have changed your mind or have any concerns give us a call and let us know. Once you start a job we like to keep in touch for the duration, we check in on your first day to make sure it’s all running smoothly but throughout the job if you need any help we are available 24/7.


Step four – Reliability

 The final point is possibly the most important once you start working with an agency. This relates to punctuality and attendance. If you are late on your first day it makes a bad impression on the client and on us so check out the site address the day before and make sure you know where you are going, check your car if you don’t use it regularly so there are no hiccups in the morning. Also if you need to have time off during the contract either call the agency and let them know as early as possible or speak to your site manager and let them know, it gives us a heads up and temporary replacements can be organised if required. Although this is relevant for once you have started a job, it will help you get priority over future jobs if you are known as a reliable candidate.


If you are struggling to get accepted for temporary work speak to your recruitment agency or give us a call on 01332370300 for advice on how to increase your chances of being the first option for the job. 

Posted 21st April 2017

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