4 ways to attract the best agency workers

4 ways to attract the best agency workers

You may have read our blog post two weeks ago about the steps to take to be the perfect candidate when working for agencies, we listed four things temporary workers can do to ensure clients want to hire them again and again. Well it seems unfair to not include the clients, so here are four simple steps you can take to ensure you attract the best candidates.


Step one - Honesty

Always be honest with every step of the hiring process. Candidates are often let down by hirers who offer two months’ worth of work just for them to be told they are only needed until the end of the week. Be honest about your opinions on their work, if they are getting on great, let them know, every worker likes a moral boost. On the other hand, if there is something you are unhappy with, share it with them before you write them off completely.


Step two – References

Don’t worry, I’m not expecting a reference from another agency stating what a good client you are, that would be awkward. I’m talking about being forthcoming with a reference for the candidates when they finish working for you. Whether it is good or bad, it will determine if we send them to work for you again. If they were particularly good workers but you don’t give us a reference it may hinder them finding future work with us.


Step three – Communication

Keeping in touch with the agency and the candidate when they start working for you is important. Initially keeping in touch with the agency, even if it is to tell us you have filled a position yourself, means we can keep the candidate updated. Once the candidate is out working for you, we may need to get in touch with you if they have called us about time off or pay queries etc. and it makes it easier for us to resolve issues efficiently or find temporary replacements for holidays and sick days if we can get in touch with you easily.


Step four – Reliability

If you need to postpone a job it is understandable but if you keep postponing or cancelling at last minute it may deter candidates from wanting to work for you again in the future. Especially if they turn down alternative work to accept your job.


You may have noticed whilst reading this that the four points are the same as the four points that make the perfect candidate. Although the explanation and examples are slightly different. It is easy when working for a company or employing a candidate to get annoyed about being let down but it is harder to see things from the other party’s point of view. So, the next time you hire a temporary worker or accept a temporary job, try to implement these points and see if it improves your working relationships. For more information on hiring temporary workers or being a Farsight Recruitment client give the office a call on 01332370300. 

Posted 5th May 2017

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